Introducing the Zipper wand

Hi all,

I have had this wand for awhile now (since December 2016) and it is amazing! I can’t imagine using the old style of wands again as this wand all the way from the states does the best clean I have experienced in my 15 years of carpet cleaning. Thank you to Eric from for his amazing service and making truly wonderful carpet cleaning wands.

If you live in the Wide bay area in Queensland and want a superior carpet clean, give me a call!zipper_15_6_jets zipper_15_6_wand

How to steam clean carpets

Here is an example of steam cleaning after shampooing to show you how easy dirt comes out of this carpet, even when it has been soiled for a number of years.
Remember steam cleaning with a truck mount machine is the best method. Truck mounts heat the water at a high heat that strips the dirt and sanitises with a dry time of 2-3 hours.